Fresh Baked Scones

Thank you for your interest in our Fresh Baked Scones! We are a local, small-batch sconery located in Duluth Township, Minnesota, dedicated to creating high-quality baked goods for a reasonable price. You can find our scones (and other baked goods) in our farmstand bakerscase as part of the Clover Valley Farm Trail.

> First of all, scones are not supposed to be dry! Our scones are moist and fresh. The perfect compliment for a morning coffee or tea

> Common sweet flavors available: cinnamon-rhubarb, raspberry-almond, cinnamon-blueberry, cranberry-orange, pumpkin-spice, plain (for jams & jellies)

> Common savory flavors available: ham-cheddar cheese, cheddar cheese-chive, plain (for biscuits & gravy or breakfast sandwiches)

> Our scones DO NOT contain preservatives so they are best eaten within 24 hours of baking

> We also bake and sell focaccia bread, cookies, and dog treats

> We are cottage food producers, Registration Number 20228268. These foods are homemade and not subject to state inspection.

> Please tell a friend about our local, small business. These are created in Duluth Township, Minnesota.